Prof. Dr. Sorin Dudea

Prof. Dr. Sorin Dudea

About Palkonya and Bauer:

It was just as amazing and enjoyable, Dr. Bauer – a native surgeon who disguised himself as a high-performing radiologist – to get to know and remember moments of my life that had to do with Targu-Mures and in which I believed in any case, to remember.

I met Ferdinand with the opening for the new, for the joung and the ability to give without asking for something that only the big characters are endowed with. I have discovered a friendship that goes beyond the zenith of the profession.

The first meeting in Palkonya gave me the opportunity to meet in a warm environment some people who have “forgotten” that they are personalities and have become close people, all with common themes, scientific and not only. And the trigger that made this possible is the indefatigable Ferdinand, whom I wish him as many successful symposia as possible.