Passion for accurate imaging diagnosis

Dr. med. Ferdinand Bauer is an expert in radiological diagnostics, author of various specialist publications and esteemed speaker and initiator of various symposia!



A few words about myself – 

Dr. med. Ferdinand Bauer

  • Radiology specialist, Germany
  • Graduated from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Neumarkt (Tg-Mures) Romania
  • Radiology specialisation at Heidelberg, Germany 1994
  • MRI-specialisation at Tübingen, Germany 1995
  • CEO-Head of the imaging centers of Kaufbeuren, Landsberg and Füssen, Germany
  • Specialized in abdominal MRI with over 5000 annual examinations
  • Lecturer in many national and international courses focused on liver, pancreas and rectum since 2009
  • Peer-reviewer for multiple international journals:
    o Scandinavian Journal of Surgery
    o Oncology Research and Treatment
    o BMJ Case Reports (UK)
  • Editorial Member of Chirurgia journal since 2016 (www.revistachirurgia.ro)

Conferences and seminars

Dr. Bauer and renowned speakers offer experience and knowledge on diagnostic and therapeutic topics in a relaxed atmosphere of the magnificent property and a magical landscape.

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The latest findings combined with profound field reports

Diagnostic News

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Experience and knowledge of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches presented by renowned speakers

Renowned speakers

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Dr. med. Ferdinand Bauer and further renowned speakers

Dr. med. Ferdinand Bauer is an expert in radiological diagnostics. He presents the latest findings combined with profound field reports from his practice.



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