Center of Radiology

Your radiological and nuclear medicine specialist with locations in Kaufbeuren, Landsberg am Lech and Füssen as well as a clinic sector including teleradiology

Kaufbeuren-Landsberg-Füssen Radiology and Nuclear Medicine is a private radiological service provider run by a physician, which originated in 2009/2010 from a merger of the radiological practices in Kaufbeuren and Landsberg am Lech. With the bundling of resources and the possibility of a medical specialisation, the common goal is pursued to guarantee outpatient activities in the region at a high medical and technical level. The clinic sector (including teleradiology), which was founded at the same time, has specialised in the needs of clinics with interventional radiological specialists. In addition to the classic practice location in Kaufbeuren, the company operates a fully equipped radiological clinic location with out-patient health insurance approval at Klinikum Landsberg am Lech. In addition to the examination and treatment of inpatients at the clinic, the radiological services are also available to all outpatients in the region. Furthermore, in cooperation with the Kaufbeuren Clinic and the Füssen Clinic, a magnetic resonance tomograph is operated on the premises of each clinic. The company is entitled to further training in radiology for 4 years and in nuclear medicine for 1 year.

In addition to the training of assistant doctors, a further focus of training is in the field of medical assistants (MFA).