Prof. Dr. Constantin Copotoiu

Prof. Dr. Constantin Copotoiu

Why Palkonya? It all started from a friendly invitation to visit a holiday house in a wine village, mainly inhabited by Hungarians and Saxons, in a hill area near Pecs and thermal baths. The proximity of the border with Serbia and the beautiful city of Villany makes it an interesting and unavoidable tourist area.

The second proposal was: What would you say about a “scientific seating” held here, in an original landscape, a real “wine cellar”, tastefully decorated, making it friendly to any visitor. A theme was also proposed: Rectal cancer. A choice easy to motivate, rectal cancer knowing from the diagnostic and therapeutic point of view the most important developments.

Communicators from most of the university centers from Romania were invited, with works of high scientific standing, which were noted for their diversity and value. None of the works were repeated, the choice was made according to the concerns of each one and the experience gained over time.

The opening ceremony set the tone for an atmosphere of relaxation and high soul sensitivity, in which the host, Dr. Bauer Ferdinand, outdid himself.

The accommodation, the traditional meals, the jokes, the trips to the Pecs and the thermal baths have completed an exceptional scientific-tourist program.

I can say that I attended one of the highest level scientific events.
What will this year be like? A Dr. Bauer of a true friendship, a scientific session all about rectal cancer, which wants to show the dynamism of the evolution of knowledge in this field.
It will be excellent. We will have pleasant surprises and we will certainly discuss the next symposium.
Our companions will enjoy excursions in the surroundings that will make their stay very enjoyable.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Palkonya.

Prof. Dr. Constantin Copotoiu