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Dear Colleagues!

We welcome all those interested to the Congress of the Hungarian Society of Surgeons to be held on May 24-26, 2018 in Debrecen, at the Kölcsey Center.

In recent years, the trend towards specialization in surgery has accelerated, with professionals focusing on cultivating a narrower field, presumably at a higher level.

In order to raise the standard, it is essential to involve co-professions working in a similar field in common thinking and work.

In this respect, surgeons working specifically in the field of surgery and in different fields are forced to distance themselves from each other. At the same time, we must not forget the conditions under which we work in practice and the relatively broad knowledge base can be translated cask really for the benefit of the patient.

At the 2018 MST Congress, we would like to discuss issues that cannot be practically practiced at a high level today without the help of other professions. The other Hungarian surgical trend is the unfortunately dwindling specialist garda, which is slowly reaching the level of the county hospital and university clinic.

This factor forces us to also rethink where each care activity takes place. As a result of these two somewhat contradictory tendencies, there is a need for specialists with a broad knowledge base at the district-district level, while the county hospital-university clinic is best placed to act on behalf of patients with professionals working at the highest possible level/ equip.

The need for specialization created the sections of the MST, at the meetings of which the highest standard in Hungary is presented. However, at the biennial MST symposium, the agate of domestic surgery would benefit from the diversity present.

I am confident that our next congress will provide an overview of the domestic situation and help us to provide future care to our patients in all surgical departments.


Damjanovich László

President of Congress